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Shalamar Baker

Shalamar Baker

Shalamar Baker

Shalamar is now well known for her harmonies on TikTok, where she has over 100k followers and likes in the millions. Behind the scenes however, she is building credibility as an artist with a seriously accomplished body of work.

Spotted on Instagram, Shalamar’s first big break came as a feature on the Tays track Star, featuring in the video alongside rappers Tays and Aitch.

She spent the rest of 2021 growing a huge fan base on social media and recording in the studio before beginning to release her work in January 2022.

Whilst her modern pop sound fits perfectly into the growing wave of Brit female pop stars, Shalamar channels a retro energy into her powerful voice, crediting Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, alongside Christina Aguilera as influences and inspirations.

Having been subjected to the pressures of growing up in an online world, Shalamar is on a mission to empower young people, showing the reality behind the filtered images that flood the internet. Life is realest beyond those perfected square images.

Despite Shalamar's young age, she has a voice far beyond her years.

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