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Writing Camps

Our writing camps offer a chance for proucers and songwriters to collaborate and create music under the guide of experienced writers and producers. Collaborate with other like minded professional creators throughout the week, expanding your network within the industry. We group songwriters, producers and musicians together based on skills and styles whilst working alongside each group to ensure that we help you reach the best standard possible.

Depending on which artist or artists the camp is centered around, the best songs will be given extra time in the main studios with our mix and mastering engineers. Subject to approval from the artist and related labels the best song(s) will be released and distributed through our channels.

Our camps encourage creativity and are designed to help promote you as a writer, getting you credited as a writer or a signed artist.

We also use the camps to search for talent for our Marylebone Publishing.

Take advantage of our world-class facilities to take your music to the next level and make a voice for yourself in the music industry.

Places are in great demand and sadly we are unable to guaranetee places. To maximise your chances of receiving an invitation, please submit examples of your work and someone from our team will reach out to you.

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