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Make your music stand out

Give your track the qualities to leave your listeners spellbound.

We offer a professional mastering service by engineers who understand your needs. Stereo mastering is performed in our dedicated mastering studios and Dolby Atmos mastering is performed in our state of the art Dolby Atmos studio.

The mastering studios utilise the world's best mastering hardware.

Mastering is turned around within three working days, priority mastering is turned around within one working day.

What does mastering a song mean?

Mastering a song puts the final touches on your mix by elevating certain sonic characteristics and removing elements that may cause irritation once amplified.

The process involves adjusting levels, applying stereo enhancement, monitoring for clicks and pops – anything that could distract the listener from the music. The result is a polished, clean sound that's optimised for playback across different formats and systems.

Tracks can be mastered from as little as £50. Get in touch to book your track in.

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