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Down To The Bone

Take your music down to the bone and join us for our live recording session series.

Down to the Bone takes a ‘Live Lounge’ style format, sharing paired-back acoustic versions of incredible tracks from our Manchester base.

Create stunning audio and visual recordings for streaming and social media, with our expert team and world-leading kit, to be shared across our platforms as well as your own.

Record the audio for your session through our Neve Genesys desk whilst performing in our Live Room, designed specifically for live music sessions.

  • Industry-leading kit
  • Record sound through the Neve Genesys desk
  • Access to session musicians


Our live room features a full acoustic recording setup – with specialised vocal and guitar mics – all recorded through Neve Genesys desk in neighbouring multi-million-pound studio room.

Artists have access to session musicians and instruments, while our sound engineering team ensure the recording sounds crisp and clear.


We record our series using an industry-leading camera setup – with cameras ranging from Sony A7s to Hollywood industrial-standard ARRI. Filming includes a range of rig options, including a variety of gimbles/stabilisers and an automated slider.

The Live Room has a full theatre lighting setup with custom-colour LEDs, as well as options for LED RGBW tube lighting with 10m colour combinations to create the perfect lighting for every occasion, genre or mood.

Social Media

Our series is shared across Youtube, Instagram and TikTok with total followers topping 378,000.

Our expert team also produce promo clips in each format to share out on your own platforms and channels too.


Please enquire with us, should you wish to extend your time at Manchester Recording Studios to include:

  • Sessions within our multi-million-pound studios
  • Sessions within our writing rooms
  • Podcast interviews and vlogging

Drop Us A Line

Ready to book a session, drop us a track demo or work with one of our teams?